Managed Cloud Data Archives

Protect Your Data. Simply.

Callisto Digital's Managed AWS S3 and Glacier

Makes Archiving Your Data Easy and Secure.

Why Use Cloud Storage?

Safe and Secure

Your data is encrypted at rest using AES 256-bit keys and transferred over SSL connections. Redundant copies of your data will be stored in geographically disparate datacenters.

Reliable and Durable

Your data is stored and replicated on multiple systems and across multiple data centers - providing 11 9's (99.999999999%) of durability.

Unlimited Space Available

Hard drives have limited capacity and lifetime. Cloud archive all your data without the worry of having enough space or needing to buy costly drives.

Cost Efficient

Pay only for the space you use with ultra low rates for storage. Need to recover an archive or project, it'll be available for download in just hours. 

Cloud Data Archiving is Ideal For

Digital Media Asset Archival

Archiving Data for Regulatory Purposes

Long Term Data Libraries

How Archiving to AWS S3 or Glacier Deep Archive Works

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Painless Access to Cloud Storage


Sign up for Callisto Digital Managed AWS Storage and we'll immediately provision and secure your private data archival vault. You don't need to learn the complexities of the cloud to benefit from increased reliability and security. We worry about the details so you don't have to. We'll provide the keys to your vault and advise on best practices to secure your data and optimize costs so you don't invest more than necessary for your peace of mind.

DIY or Do It For Me


We'll teach you the best practices for archiving and uploading your data.

Using common software packages you can choose to upload your archival data to your private storage vault.

You can also choose to ship your hard drive to Callisto Digital for processing and uploading to your secure cloud storage. This is ideal if you have limited upload speeds or don't want to manage the process for yourself.

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Rest Easy, Your Data is Safe


Your data will be replicated and stored across at least three geographically-dispersed data centers, protected by 99.999999999% of durability, and can be restored within 12 hours. No more worry about failed hard drives or your office being struck by a disaster!

You'll be protected for years to come and freely able to recover any data you've stored in your secure vault when you need it!

Simple, Unbeatable Pricing

We take care of the hard part of managing your cloud storage so you can focus on running your business. You only pay for what you use.

When you require data to be recovered for download you'll be billed for only the data you request and download. This keeps your monthly storage costs low!

All objects stored in S3 Glacier Deep Archive are replicated and stored across at least three geographically-dispersed Availability Zones, protected by 99.999999999% of durability, and can be restored within 12 hours.

Managed Glacier Deep Archive

$2.00/TB per Month
  • Storage: $0.00195 per GB
  • Upload Transfer: FREE!
  • Download Transfer: $0.17757 per GB
  • Retrieval (Standard): $0.03946 per GB
  • Retrieval (Bulk): $0.00493 per GB
  • API (GET, SELECT): $0.00079 per 1K requests
  • API (PUT, COPY, POST, LIST): $0.09865 per 1K requests
  • API (Retrieval Requests - Standard): $0.19730 per 1K requests
  • API (Retrieval Requests - Bulk): $0.04932 per 1K requests

Minimum 180 day storage commitment of objects required. Objects that are deleted or overwritten before the minimum storage duration will incur the normal storage usage charge plus a pro-rated request charge for the remainder of the minimum storage duration. Objects stored longer than the minimum storage duration will not incur a minimum request charge.

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