Messaging, Voice, and Video Solutions for Business and Marketing

Callisto Digital Can Deliver Customized Solutions for Your Unique Business and Marketing Requirements Using both Inbound and Outbound Voice, SMS, and Email.

Making Technology Work for Your Business

Callisto Digital specializes in solving your unique business challenges with automated voice, SMS, email, and video services. No high upfront costs or monthly fees, but simple pay-as-you-go and usage-based services.

Whether your needs are office and business automation, or marketing, we can create a custom solution just for you. All marketing communications require double opt-in confirmation so you are assured you are only spending on a valid existing or potential customer.

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Messaging, Voice, and Video Tools to Build Upon

We can mix and match these and other options to create an affordable solution that fits into your business to resolve process issues or create amazing marketing opportunities!


Send and receive text and picture messaging to/from virtually any country.


Instantly reach 1.5 billion people on WhatsApp

Facebook Messenger

Reach over 1.3 billion people on Facebook Messenger

Conversational Bots

AI-powered bots that work across chat, SMS, WhatsApp and Messenger

Local Phone Numbers

Local phone numbers in 32 countries, toll-free and shortcodes also available

In/Outbound Calling

Place or Receive phone calls with dedicated local phone numbers

Play, Say, Gather

Play pre-recorded audio, computer-generated speech, get user responses

Record / Voicemail

Record calls and/or Voicemail messages on any call

IVR / Automated Calls

Reduce human answered calls with automated voice responses

Speech To Text

Record and transcribe calls and voicemails

Robocalls & Spam

Avoid needless distractions by blocking autodialed and spam calls

Credit Card Payments

Take payment information and process credit cards over the phone

Video Conferencing

One-on-one and small group video conferencing

3rd Party Integrations

Integrate your messaging and voice solution with other applications

Slack Notifications

Receive event notifications to your companies Slack channel(s)

Customized Solutions For Any Use Case

Your business requirements are unique and we know it can be frustrating to try to make an out-of-the-box software package work the way you need it to. Callisto Digital will design and implement a solution that solves your problems, affordably. These are just some of the use cases that we can craft an outcome that drives efficiency and profitability for your company.

Inbound Call Filtering

Block unwanted call spam and scams, automated voice response to common questions, send directions via SMS, forward to a live person, and more.

Voice Transcription

Receive transcribed text of calls or voicemails sent to you by email or other messaging (SMS, Slack, etc.).

Call Tracking

Know how effective your ad campaigns are with unique phone numbers forwarding to your sales teams.

Private Calling

Return calls to customers or patients without having to reveal your actual phone number or worry about remembering *67.

Pay by Phone

Automate collection of payments by phone without needing to involve a human ensuring security for your customers.

Video Conferencing

Add one-on-one and small group video conferencing to your website. Easy browser-based conferencing requires no software installation or custom apps.

Cloud-Based IVR

Full-featured automated IVR that can understand voice commands and touch-tone. Make it easy for your customers to get questions answered with minimal need to tie-up office or store staff.

AI Chat Bot

Train a single chatbot that can respond to your customers via website chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger!

Integrate with Your Apps

We can integrate our services with many POS and CRM applications to provide extra functionality to reach your customer.

Local Numbers Globally

Running an international business? We can provide local numbers around the world reducing your calling costs.

Creative Technology Solutions

Callisto Digital will work with you to understand your unique needs and requirements to design a complete solution. We offer a highly consultative approach to identifying how we can make technology work for your business.