Professional Website and Server Management

Whether your business is brick-and-mortar, in the cloud, or a little bit of both, let Callisto Digital's professional website and server management take the worry of your website off your shoulders so you can spend your time on your business, or sleeping at night.

Professional Website and Server Management

Callisto Digital offers a wide range of services and solutions to enhance your business and online presence, including our Managed Servers and Managed WordPress hosting services.

We provide fully managed Linux-based servers and WordPress services to that ensure your site is secure and operating at peak performance.

There are 3 Pillars within our Site and Server Management processes. Each contributes to a management platform that helps you build your business without all the hassle.

Our worry-free Server Management and Website Management services keep your site and server optimized for WordPress and up-to-date with security patches and software updates. We offer plenty of options to keep your site as fast as possible.

With our Website Maintenance options, we will handle the updates and SEO changes to keep traffic flowing to your site.

The bottom line is you can trust Callisto Digital to keep your site performing well while you focus on running your business.

The 3 Components to Managing Your Site

Managing your site can be a full time job! We make it easy for you by keeping WordPress and plugins updated. We take care of backups, monitoring, and security as well. We offer plenty of options to keep your business running smoothly with our Managed WordPress hosting.

You're busy running your business, whose got time to make changes to your site? We do! From simple store hours changes to tweaking content for better search engine results, we've got your back with flexible options!

Your site needs a server to thrive on. Simple shared server webhosting leaves you at the mercy of competing for resources. With Callisto Digital your site(s) will have their own server. As your traffic grows, simply scale up your server.

Website and Server Management must be purchased together. Maintenance is optional but we typically only work on sites managed by Callisto Digital.